"A Winning Team with One Mission"

Mission Statement: Direct and coordinate installation garrison operations and training support activities while providing force protection, mobilization and demobilization, reserve component training support, operational planning and emergency operations functions, to provide a focused training environment for all Fort Huachuca tenants, and our partner organizations.
Vision: A team of flexible and responsible professionals, dedicated to providing the best possible service to units and individuals serving our Nation.

Directorate Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS):  Directs, coordinates, synchronizes, and integrates installation operations and training support activities, while providing force protection, mobilization and demobilization, reserve component training support, force modernization, operational planning, and emergency operations functions to provide a focused operating and training environment for the Senior Commander and
tenant organizations.

Core Capabilities

Provide mission command for emergency management response and consequence management operations

  • Synchronizes internal and external activities in support of force protection
  • Provide un-parallel manned aircraft and unmanned aerial systems training opportunities
  • Support Reserve Component Training
  • Supervise the execution of Antiterrorism and Emergency Management Programs
  • Manage personnel security, information security, industrial security, and security training
Libby Army Airfield (LAAF) is a joint service airfield with the City of Sierra Vista AZ, supporting manned and unmanned aircrafts. Airfield operations and services include Base Flight Operations, Control Tower/Ground Approach Control Facility, USAF Weather, Airport Safety, Airspace Management, Flight Simulator, Refuel Facility, and Crash/Fire/Rescue station.
We provide procedural guidance, assistance and coordinate support to Reserve Soldiers as they process through Fort Huachuca for rapid training. In addition to Reserve Soldiers we coordinate and provide home station Active Army units with deployment and redeployment processing.
The Plans and Operations Division is the nexus for synchronizing installation operations and emergency planning activities. We coordinate tenant and non-tenant support, conduct training and exercises while providing mission command functions during emergencies and eliminate duplication of efforts. A few of our core competencies are listed below.
We manage the Garrison‘s Personnel Security, Information Security, Industrial Security and Security Education and Training programs on Fort Huachuca. We accomplish this by providing support to Directorates and special staff offices with procedural guidance, advice, staff assistance visits and oversight of security matters. For Law Enforcement call (520) 533-7950 or visit Directorate of Emergency Service (DES)
The Training Division provides our customers with training opportunities in meeting their mission requirements. We exercise staff supervision for training management; control and supervise all training areas and facilities; manage training/operational ammunition for selected units/directorates; provide central consolidated scheduling of training events on the installation. Training facilities managed by the Training Division include: HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer (HEAT) and the Engagement Skills Trainer II (EST). Training areas include: (Land Navigation Course's, Leadership Reaction Course, NBC Confidence Course, Obstacle Confidence Course, Rappel Tower, Rope Bridge Construction Site, Urban Operations Site, Warrior task Complex, Training areas, and Weapon Ranges). Training aids include: A catalog of items can be downloaded at the link below.