Libby Army Airfield (LAAF) is a joint service airfield with the City of Sierra Vista AZ, supporting manned and unmanned aircrafts. Airfield operations and services include Base Flight Operations, Control Tower/Ground Approach Control Facility, USAF Weather, Airport Safety, Airspace Management, Flight Simulator, Refuel Facility, and Crash/Fire/Rescue station.

Its primary mission is to support the 2-13th Aviation Regiment in training Soldiers on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) operations, 304th Military Intelligence Battalion Special Electronics Mission Aircraft (SEMA, RC-12s), other users include general aviation, Forestry (P-2s, SEATS, C-130s, DC-10s, and BAe-146s), Department of Homeland Security (Customs & Border Protection, MQ-9s, ASTAR-350s), and USAF, 355th FW (A-10s), 162d FW (F-16s), 161st ARW (KR-35s), and the 139th AW (Bradys, MO ANG, C-130s). With significant restricted airspace, and a tactical airstrips, we offer some of the best training opportunities for DoD large aircraft within the continental United States.

The airfield is available 24 hours a day, with POL’s operating hours of 0600-1800L. Support outside of these core hours is available on a reimbursable basis. The City managed side offers self fueling, if given advance notice, they can provide refueling after hours.

LAAF Services
  • Operating Hours Mon 0000L – 2300L Fri, except weekends and holidays
  • Sequencing and separation of manned and unmanned aircraft
  • Flight Planning, Filing, NOTAMS, and Airfield Support
  • Airfield Safety Support
  • Airspace Management Support
  • Air Traffic Control Navigational Aid Support
  • Emergency Response, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF Support)
  • Aviation Weather Support


LAAF Division Telephone Listing


Position   Telephone
Airfield Manager   (520)-538-2861
Safety Officer   (520)-538-3795
Airfield Operations Officer   9520)-533-5650
LAAF Base Operations   (520)-538-2860
    (520)-538-5538 (fax)
ATC Manager   (520--538-2849
    (520)-538-1312 (fax)
ATC Maintenance   (520)-538-2874
    (520)-538-2809 (fax)
Weather Office (WX)   (520)-538-3798
Noise Complaints   (520)-533-1850