The Plans and Operations Division is the nexus for synchronizing installation operations and emergency planning activities. We coordinate tenant and non-tenant support, conduct training and exercises while providing mission command functions during emergencies and eliminate duplication of efforts. A few of our core competencies are listed below.

Core Competencies
  • Current Operations
  • Installation Operations Center (IOC)
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Mission Command for Emergency Management Response and Consequence Management
  • Tenant and non-tenant support
  • Contingency Plans
  • Stationing Actions
  • Organization Inspection Program
  • Installation Ceremonies
  • Antiterrorism/Force Protection Planning and Security
As the logo above states, “Anti-terrorism is a Team Sport.” It truly is a collaborative daily effort as our Security Professionals tirelessly work to protect the Fort Huachuca family.
Located in Southeastern Arizona, Fort Huachuca can experience natural disasters, which include flash floods, severe weather storms, wildland fires, and earthquakes.
Coordinate and synchronize day to day and future operations for the garrison while maintaining situational awareness across the entire installation and area of responsibility.
The Plans Branch develops, coordinates publication and implementation of short and long range planning consistent with our Senior Commander, IMCOM, and NORTHCOM mission and OPLANs goals and guidance.