FIRST, go to
Watch the video and go through the .pdf tutorials you find there. Pay
special attention to Tutorial 7 -- that will guide you through your setup.
When you're ready, find your site at
VERY IMPORTANT: when you visit your site, you will see "Coming Back Soon:
this site is currently down for maintenance." THIS IS OK -- it's in
"maintenance mode." you will see your page when you're logged in. You can
turn maintenance mode off (Sorry 'bout the rant, but I get calls...) to
demonstrate it to your leadership or simply admire your work (the alignments
are a little off when you're logged in).
When you're ready, find your site at (see
the paragraph above). You
should be able to access it from your network computer, but some people are
having issues. If so, you need to find a nonnetwork computer to work on.
SECOND: Log in to
Click on the dashboard (we'll see if you paid attention to the video!), go
to Members. Click on localadmin and change the password in the profile.
Later, you should create administrator logins for yourself and other
administrators, and delete localadmin.
Click on "Back to Website" to go to your home page. There should be a little
blue tab in the upper right. In most browsers (though sometimes not
explorer) there will be a question mark on the tab. Click on it for
concrete5 video help.
The Tiered Menu Layout should be your guide as you put things together.
Pay attention to the automation -- See Tutorial 2a -- for example, the
leadership page "reads"
any leader bio page put under it, so all you have to do is fill in (or
delete) the welcome letter and make the bio pages.
I highly recommend keeping my tutorial slides handy. They do reflect an
earlier version, but people tell me they're quite effective.
Do not delete admin, Neal.Administrator, William Costlow or Rayna Holley.