NEW: Below is an overview of topics that receive frequent inquiry pertaining to the Reassignment of Trainees and Students. Please contact the Student Reassignments section if you need further assistance:

NEW: Airborne in Contract: Current physical should be no older than 12 months by the time airborne training begins. Students are responsible for updating their physicals. If you would like to volunteer, please speak with your PSG for a packet. Packets need to be submitted to the Student Reassignments Office as soon as possible. Volunteer packets will not be accepted if you are on assignment or 30 days from graduation.

NEW:  3. MOS-T: All MOS-T graduates will receive new MOS orders. If you are TDY/ENR or TDY/RTN you should already have PCS/movement orders. Make sure you have approved Family travel for your dependents if going on an accompanied tour overseas. If you are recycled, have a new report date, or if anything changed with your orders, MOS-T Soldiers must contact their losing unit for amended orders as we are not authorized to amend another installation's orders. If you are unable to Reclassify and do not pass the course, you will be deleted from the current assignment, and returned to your previous duty station. HRC will issue a new assignment and your losing station will issue the orders.

NEW: 4. T-Space/Reclassification: If you are academically relieved from the course, you will be considered for T-Space/Reclassification. Student Reassignments will submit a request for new MOS training based on the needs of the Army. T-spacing Soldiers only applies to students who are academic failures or are unable to obtain a clearance.  We will not T-space a Soldier for misconduct or disciplinary reasons.

NEW: 5. Quickstart is a program where students can volunteer to deploy for 4-6 months after completion of AIT. Students will receive assignment instructions upon return from downrange. Please see your PSG for further details.

NEW: 6. Overseas Assignments SRR: You must meet the Service Remaining Requirement (SRR) for overseas movement. If required to do so, please complete the necessary extension/reenlistment to avoid delays - especially if applying for Family travel. OCONUS locations will not approve Family travel requests if the Soldier does not have enough time left in their enlistment contracts to serve the required tour length.

NEW: 7. Overseas Assignments: To receive orders, Soldiers must complete a DA Form 4036 (Medical Dental Preparation for Overseas Movement) and provide a copy of the AT level 1 Certificate. The DA Form 4036 will be given to the Soldiers during the student Levy briefing. Once Soldiers complete both documents, the PSG will email them to the Student Reassignments Office. Soldiers may not hand carry these documents to us.  NOTE: If assigned to Korea, you must attend the Korea briefing is conducted every Wednesday afternoon, basement, RW Bliss Health Center.

NEW:  8. Dependent Passports: Once you have received your orders, you may contact the Passport Office to schedule an appointment to begin the application process. If you have stepchildren you must have legal documentation authorizing movement of the children to go overseas. Dependents are required to obtain a No-Fee (Official) passport. It will take 6 -8 weeks for dependent passports to arrive.  For more information or to set up an appointment, call the Passport Office in Whitside Hall, 533-3905.

NEW: 9. Family Travel Process: Soldiers will complete DA Form 5888 & DA Form 4787 during their student levy briefing. We will return DA from 5888 to Soldier (via PSG) once our office has verified the dependents listed on the 5888 have been enrolled into DEERS. Soldier will contact local EFMP office to get Family medically screened. EFMP will assist if Soldier’s Family members are not local. Once medical screening is competed and returned, we will submit paperwork to gaining overseas location to request Family travel.