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Mileditors is intended to provide tools and reviews for professional writers and editors working for the United States military. The main portion of the website awaits reactivation. recently served as the home for IMCOM Enterprise Web developmental pages. The project is moving to more appropriate hosting.

All information on this site is unofficial and publicly released. Most of the pages here are hidden to prevent confusion with the official garrison pages.

To find help with the concrete5 CMS and in particular the way it is being used within the Installation Management Command, visit the Webmaster page

All Army information is cleared for public release. Original material is (c) 2016-2018 Moby-Dick, by Herman Melville, is in the public domain. is named after MILEDITORS-L "Military Editors - List", an early LISTSERV* for the public affairs community. The idea was to continue the conversation and promote professionalism and fellowship among military communicators. It was a very tiny blog until it was called upon to serve its current role.

*Trademark noted.

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